Waiting for a new drama


Actors do not create particular characters, but rather very general types, whom they represent for the whole evening. It is not a traditional theatrical play, but rather a series of scenes illustrating a generally specific depersonalized world of big corporations as well as specific emptiness of the life of people employed there. The people who follow advice of fashion magazines and who model their own life according to successful role models advertised in them. (...) However, the play is not an agitation or a criticism of the capitalistic exploitation. On the other hand I just can’t help myself to feel that creators are somewhat fascinated by the topic itself. They seem to be drawn by this weird world with its own rules and morals. The world which might be an absurdly totalitarian as well as arbitrary authoritarian regime.

Jakub Škorpil, Svět a divadlo 04/2011, s. 118  131