Judicatory filth on the peak of moral crisis


It is not an apparent criticism of the current jurisdictional causes. In each of the scenic sections of The Trial there are different archetypal creatures that use Slovakia´s size, political and social system to get away with all they want. Arrogant and self-centred justiciar oligarchy, lawyers with no backbone or the “simple ones”, who prefer never to have seen or heard anything. All they need is to “eat, drink and fart”, otherwise there will be a trouble. (…) The calvary road towards resignation, compromising and even dying will be taken by a few Jozef K.´s. (...)

Traditionally civilian entrepreneurs from the SkRAT theatre again proved to be great observers. Their sleezy jury bashaws or professionally-deformed lawyers point at the primitive juck of otherwise sophisticated society, which feeds the conformism of regular people from the street. Especially funny, but freezingly dangerous is the mentioned group of judges, mainly the smiling aggressor character, by Ľubo Burgr.

Dominika Široká: Judicatory filth on the peak of moral crisis, kod 04/2013, p. 25-28